Friday, May 23, 2008

demo reel as of august

sorry it's been so long since i posted anything so i thought that i would just through up the demo reel that i've been sending out to places trying to find work. still haven't found work yet, but i'm going to keep trying. i'm really excited for my animating in flash course that is going to start on tuesday! other than that not much else is going on, except it is fall now and i forgot how cold it can be up here.


Shot 1: Animation, Layout, BG Painting
Shot 2: Animation, Layout
Shot 3: Animation, Layout
Shot 4: Animation, Layout
Shot 5: Animation, Layout, BG Painting
Shot 6: Animation, Layout, BG Painting
Shot 7: Animation, Layout
Shot 8: Animation, Layout
Shot 9: Animation
Shot 10: Traditional Animation Only
Shot 11: Animation

all traditional animation is by myself. The last of the pieces is my friends film Child's Play where all I did was the traditional animation